How to enjoy your Hookah every time.

People smoke hookah for several reasons. Perhaps they are looking to relax or meditate. Other’s find the flavour sensation exhilarating, and for some, it may a first-time experience; exciting and thrilling in one breathtaking inhale. But whatever the reason, the anticipated result is enjoyment. However, occasionally, the experience does not live up to the expectation.… Read More »

Sophia Smokes PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Review of TUAH HERBAL TOBACCO from Australia

At Tuah Herbal, we have worked diligently to ensure our shisha tastes and smells divine and our professional service to our customers equals the quality of our product. Our hard work and commitment to excellent service have resulted in our being one of the preferred suppliers of organic shisha in Australia, with locations, and home… Read More »

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Non-Sticky Flavours

There is no doubt that Tuah Herbal has THE BEST herbal flavours on the market, however, we don’t want to stand on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, our distribution, our Locations, and our products. We have expanded our business so that you can find a Tuah Herbal location… Read More »

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Modern Home Hookah Lifestyle

There are few things more indulgent and sensory activating than the joy of smoking from a Hookah. The sense of freedom, of relaxation, easing yourself into positive energy, erasing all your worries, lowing your stress levels. Today more than ever, we all need a little bit of self-care and decadence, a way to escape, even… Read More »

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Shisha Near Me

There is no denying 2020 has been one heck of a ride so far…  …and the stress of life is growing. Now more than ever, we need to find ways to relax, to escape, to dream of scented Spring nights, and warm Summer breezes. Tuah Herbal want to remind our loyal customers that, whatever is… Read More »

Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

Tuah Herbal Mint Flavour

There is no substitute for the refreshing taste and aroma of mint. It’s one of the most popular fragrances and flavours. You can find it in everything from mouthwash to herbal tea, lollies and air freshener… and who can deny the delicious combination of choc-mint ice-cream, the yum of an after-dinner-mint, or the soothing, almost… Read More »

Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast

Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast

You are surrounded by a circle of your best friends, on holiday in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. There’s a warm ocean breeze drifting from the beach. You and your friends are enjoying some food, a drink or two, when someone decides to order a Hookah to be delivered… You panic; yes, it’ll be fun… Read More »

Tuah Herbal Flavours

Tuah Herbal Flavours

Tuah Herbal mixes are the perfect blend to add to your next shisha session – giving the same tobacco-style smoke as regular tobacco Shisha. What’s more, if you want the tobacco flavour, but still crave that herbal aroma, you can combine Tuah Herbal blends with tobacco. Add as little or as much tobacco as you… Read More »