Best shisha pipes in 2022: How Can You Choose One

Keeping shisha at home is now an everyday activity. But it can be challenging to choose the best shisha without knowing certain things. However, if you are looking to buy shisha, there are some aspects that you should keep in mind. The most imperative thing to notice is the shisha pipe. So, where can you get a hookah shisha pipe that suits your demands. In addition to that, the first thing that you should know is what is a shisha pipe?

What Is A Shisha Pipe:

Do you know what is a shisha pipe? If not, then read carefully. A shisha pipe is a shisha accessory used to heat or vaporize and then smoke tobacco or any other item. It can be single or multi-stemmed. Shisha pipes in Australia are of numerous designs, sizes and styles.

How To Choose The Right Hookah Pipe?


Durable material is what makes shisha pipe perfect. Therefore, it is advised to look for durable stainless steel pipes to avoid mishaps in future. Meanwhile, if you buy shisha pipes online, you must check the reviews and buy them from some reputable website. It is necessary to avoid scams and get the correct material item.


The second most important thing to consider while buying a shisha pipe is its length. Please do not buy a long pipe as it may cause discomfort. In addition, long pipes may not stay on the hookah and fall on the ground resulting incoming contact with numerous microbes. Similarly, if the pipe length is too short, you might be irritated by dragging shisha too close to your face. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a medium-sized pipe as it is easy to handle and convenient.


As discussed previously, there are two types of shisha pipes available, single-stemmed or multi-stemmed. If you are the only person who smokes shisha, then the single-stemmed pipe is an obvious option. However, if you want to enjoy shisha with a group of friends, you can consider buying multi-stemmed shisha.


Price is the factor on which everything depends. For example, a shisha set may cost you less than buying each accessory separately. However, if you want to purchase items of your choice that meet specific criteria, it may be costly. Moreover, cheap items are usually low-quality products, so make sure you do not compromise on quality to save money. But a good product with reasonable price and good quality.


Last but not least, I would advise you to buy a shisha pipe with a warranty since this way, the seller will be responsible if any damages occur during shipping. You can also inquire if they accept returns if you received the incorrect order or if it was faulty or broken when it was delivered to you.

Best Shisha Pipes In 2022

Numerous sellers sell the best shisha pipe, but our top picked shisha pipes ar4 given below.

Tuah Triangle Setup

Amazingly designed hookah pipes make smoking with friends more enjoyable and enjoyable. You can have a hookah setup that’s easy to clean and move around. And there is no better hookah setup than the Tuah Triangle Setup. As opposed to the vast majority of hookahs, ours has the advantage of being compact, easy to clean, easy to store, and portable. Due to the design of our hookah, we also made sure it was tough to knock over. Due to the built-in diffuser downstream, you will enjoy an overall smooth and silent smoking experience every time you use the triangle hookah. Finally, as a result of the washable unit, you will maintain a much healthier and cleaner environment while you smoke.

Pzdk Hookah

A small hookah pipe starter kit that looks sleek and stylish is the PZDK mini hookah pipe starter kit. In terms of its appearance, the PZDK Mini shisha pipe, with its beautiful design, stands about 40 cm tall. Furthermore, it can produce fluffy white clouds of smoke that are both pleasing to the eye and functional in satisfying its owners. It comes with a single hose made of stainless steel.


It is essential to consider that Dilaw hookah uses top quality products with a smooth taste that you will enjoy. This package includes everything you need for a perfect hookah session. You can consider taking this hookah along with you when you go on your next trip because it is made up of sturdy and durable materials. Due to its stainless steel body, this device is durable and stays free of rust forming agents for an extended period. In addition, there is a centre of gravity at the bottom of the hookah pipe that makes it a uniquely designed product. The centre of gravity guarantees its balance.

Alpha Snake (Pink)

The ALPHA pink hookah pipe is one of the most stylish hookah pipes manufactured in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Designed to offer a highly authentic hookah experience, the Alpha Snake shisha pipe has outperformed any other hookah pipe on the market. Whatever flavour of shisha tobacco you choose from the vast array of styles available at Tuah, you will be transported to a particular moment in history when you smoke from one of our premium hookahs. This is a single hosed pipe with a pink and black colour combination that will catch your eye. The Alpha Snake provides you with a design that turns heads and grabs your attention instantly. With an easy-to-use magnetic connector included with the Alpha Snake, you can quickly use the Alpha Snake. The only pipe you’ll be able to fit comfortably in your hand or on your desk is this one.

The Hookah Royal

The stem and base consist of a matte black finish aluminium alloy. The hose is made from a washable black silicone material with aluminium. The connector is fully adjustable so that the hose can stay straight. Designed to be cutting-edge and modern, this hookah is an excellent choice. There are four hose adapters included with the hookah. The more hoses you have at hand, the more chances for you to share them with more people. You will need to break the bearing ball out of the hose adapter whenever you want to blow out the fog from inside the tank. It would help keep the others inside the tank to prevent fresh air from getting in.

Which Is Better, A Small Or A Large Hookah?

Hookahs come in a wide range of designs and sizes, as you’ve probably noticed. However, does the size of the hookah affect its performance? It is generally assumed that more enormous hookahs offer a better smoking experience than smaller models due to their longer shafts. This is because while the smoke makes its way to the water, it must first cool down before entering. Nevertheless, novice hookah smokers may not notice the differences, just minor. A large hookah base produces dense and thick puffs since there is ample room for the smoke to expand. However, there are certain hookahs whose shape and design can achieve this effect. Transportation is another consideration as well. Taking the hookah with you and using it at multiple locations will be tricky when it is significant.


The choice of the best shisha pipe is not a simple one. With today’s variety of brands and options, even the most experienced hookah smoker may have difficulty making a choice. Likewise, choosing the best hookah brand or the right hookah for you is not a straightforward process, but we hope this list of hookahs has helped you understand a few of the most critical factors you should consider in your search for the best shisha pipe.

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