Best Shisha Flavours in Australia 2023 : Smokers Choice

You’ve tried many shisha types, but none satisfies your palate. While there is a wide variety of shisha flavours in Australia, choosing the right one that gives you a satisfying smoking experience can take time and effort.

In this article, I’m revealing which shisha flavours sold the most in Australia this year. These flavourings are used in the top bars and lounges across the country. We conducted a detailed survey to find out which flavourings most Australians prefer. Stay with us to learn the best shisha flavour in Australia!

Shisha Flavour- Historical Overview

Shisha, also known as hookah or waterpipe, is a traditional Middle Eastern method of smoking flavoured tobacco. It is believed to have originated in India and was later popularised in the Middle East and North Africa. A physician created the first shisha in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar, who wanted to create a healthier way for people to smoke tobacco. Shisha was then introduced to the Middle East, where it became a popular form of socialising and relaxation. In the 1990s, shisha smokers fermented tobacco leaves with honey, molasses, and glycerine to make shisha smoke taste sweeter and smoother. Consequently, shisha has undergone a renaissance, with young smokers preferring the sweet taste and shared experience of smoking shisha as an alternative to cigarettes. The popularity of shisha tobacco continued to rise as various flavours were added, including mint and apple, chocolate, strawberry and many more. The development of hookah in Australian culture resulted in hookah becoming extremely popular. However, it became so popular among the bar crowd that it became commonplace. Preparing a hookah correctly has been compared to being a chef, which requires considerable preparation. People now view hookah bars as social venues to discuss important issues, such as politics and upcoming events. You can now order hundreds of shisha tobacco flavours online for speedy delivery straight to your door. Today, shisha is enjoyed by people all over the world.

Choosing a Shisha Flavours

Whether you are a new or experienced shisha smoker, choosing the right flavour can be an overwhelming process. Your taste buds will dictate which flavours you like best. Some popular flavours include mint, cherry, apple, and grape. It can also be helpful to ask friends or shisha experts for recommendations on what they enjoy smoking. Ultimately, the best flavour is the one that you enjoy the most.

The right shisha can make all the difference in your hookah smoking experience. Understanding your palate is the first step to creating your own unique experience. Think about the kinds of food and beverages that you enjoy. Do you prefer sweet or savoury foods, for example? What kind of flavours appeal to you? Modest or bold? You can start by choosing hookah flavours similar to items you enjoy.

Nevertheless, Tuah Shisha has put together this comprehensive guide to set you on the right path to an enjoyable hookah session. Here are the top 10 shisha flavours based on customer reviews, social polls and overall popularity.

Best Shisha Flavours

Choosing which flavour of shisha to smoke can be a challenging task. Even though each fruit flavour has a unique taste, the list of fruit flavours does not end. When visiting a hookah bar, it is good to know where the best hookah bars are. Smoking them is possible all year round, whether summer, winter, fall, or autumn. Shisha flavours are available in many different forms and variations, each with a unique blend of aromas and tastes. One of the most popular flavour types is fruit-based flavours, which can range from traditional fruits like apple to exotic flavours like mango. Here is a list of some of the best shisha flavours available at Tuah Shisha Australia that you might want to try:

Bubble Gum ( Fruity flavour, Sweet)

Have you ever seen gumball machines and the sweet, sugary gumballs they used to sell? Introducing Bubble Gum from Tuah Shisha, which gives you the nostalgic taste of gumballs in a vapour form! It is impossible to miss this shisha’s sweet taste of classic bubble gum.
Shisha can be available in a bubble gum flavour. Moreover, this unique flavour is a favourite among many people. Its demand has risen in the past few years.
Why our bubble gum is customers’ favourite, our thick clouds of flavour, creamy taste, and chewy texture make it feel like you are chewing bubble gum. We recommend a mixture of 90% bubble gum with a pinch of mint. It’s no longer a severe affair with bubble gum flavour. Hookah smoking has become a sweet and bubbly affair. With the sweetness and tanginess of strawberries and grapes, it’s a light-hearted treat.

Apple (Fruity flavour, Mild Sweet)

There is something unique about apple hookah tobacco when it comes to smoking. World-famous hookah-flavoured tobacco that is characterised by superior quality and flavour. In addition to being smooth and refreshing, apple tobacco offers the taste and aroma of fine tobacco and the crispness of fresh apples. Only premium Shisha flavours are used in the manufacture of this flavour. Compared to the OG double apple, apple flavouring makes the best alternative in our lounges. Every bite of our green smith apple is smooth and sweet. Compared to regular Apple shisha, apple shisha is stronger in apple flavour and has an added sweetness that will satisfy those who love the taste of apples. There’s no doubt that this smooth, sweet ode to the apple is an excellent addition to any fruit mix!

Watermelon (Fruity flavour, Mild Smooth, Sweet)

Tuah shisha delivers the same great flavour and thick cloud as regular tobacco without harsh chemicals. This flavour profile is smooth and sweet, so we have made it our prominent fruit flavour since most customers prefer it over other fruits. Bringing the robust sweetness of candied watermelon to the world of smoke, Tuah Shisha’s Watermelon is incredibly recognisable. 

Watermelon isn’t a side dish; let’s get that straight. It will prove to you after just one puff that this candied play on summer’s favourite is nothing short of bold.

The watermelon flavour of our captivating shisha tobacco will make your hookah session icy and refreshing. It’s perfect for those who enjoy occasional smoking and those who are hardcore puffers. Like other watermelon flavours, this one isn’t sickly sweet or harsh.

A recommended grape-watermelon-mint flavour mix is 52.5% watermelon, 52.5% grape and 5% mint.

Mint (Strong flavour)

Tuah Shisha is a classic mint flavour with a cooling sensation. It is a staple hookah flavour for hookah enthusiasts. With its icy, rich smoke flavour, and the ability to create your mixes, it’s a must-have. Those who love mint can enjoy it as-is as well. Smoking mint provides a cooling effect due to its powerful menthol content. Using mint in one blend or combining it with any other flavour will produce the strongest cooling flavour you have tasted. Mint easily overpowers other flavours, so we recommend using a small amount with other flavours or mixing them all. We have a strong following with our Mint flavour, and for a good reason! This mint is well-rounded, allowing you to experience the cooling effects of natural mint leaves throughout your session. The mint taste is usually a small addition to a mix; very few people smoke these tastes alone. This flavour is mighty excellent and gives a soothing feel. The minty aftertaste creates a sweet memory with every puff.

Rose Swisscake (Dessert flavour)

Rose Swiss cake is a good choice if you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary. It’s thick, sweet and flavourful. The dessert taste will satisfy you at the end of your shisha session. This revitalising treat combines roses and cream with almonds for a flavour that will delight your taste buds. A puff of red velvet smoke will put you in a euphoric state of mind and keep you wanting more. Our smoking range only includes the most carefully curated shisha flavours, so check back soon for more Tuah Shisha Flavours.

Strawberry (Fruity flavour)

For a romantic date, strawberries are the perfect flavour. It is ideal for a light-hearted and fun session because of its sweet and fruity flavour. Many people choose it as their first choice. With deep fruity tastes of strawberries and moderate sweet notes, this flavour has a taste that is both refreshing and sweet. As a ground flavour, it can also be combined with tougher flavours, like Mint, Grape and Blueberry shishas. Tuah shisha guarantees Strawberry Shisha will leave you breathless if you have yet to try it. Incomparable to any other blend, this fusion of fruit and smoke is the height of taste!

Cookies and Cream(Dessert flavour, Creamier)

Once you sip cookies and cream shisha, you’ll taste the creamy taste, and the aroma will bring back memories of your grandmother’s homemade chocolate chip cookies. There is a pack of Oreo cookies with this Tuah-Shisha cookie and cream flavour.
These Oreo cookies can be twisted, licked, and dipped in the flavoured Tuah-Shisha. Dessert flavour profiles include cookies and cream. You’ll think you’re dipping an Oreo into a milkshake when you bite into this confection.
A mouthwateringly sweet hookah, Tuah Shisha Cookies & Cream is suitable for anyone who enjoys hookahs. Just like sweet milk, this tobacco has a milky-like flavour. Enjoy it as if you were eating cookies with milk! The sweetness of this shisha will make you feel satisfied afterwards, and it’s ideal for those who like sweet hookah smoke. Take a look at this Cookies hookah and decide whether or not this will be your new favourite!

Rose Water (Dessert flavour, Mild fruity)

Tuah’s rose water shisha is one of the best hookah flavours in Australia, with a dessert flavour mixed with a mild fruitiness. Fresh flavours accompany the floral notes of this rose shisha. The smell of shisha makes you feel like you are sitting in a rose bush as you close your eyes, light the shisha and inhale. Rose-flavoured, floral, and fresh. In other words, it tastes just as it should. Bringing the soothing, fragrant aroma of rose petals to your smoking experience, Tuah shisha’s Rose water delivers an intense, unique flavour. If you are looking for a flowery essence in your session, mixing this flavour will provide an impressive result. There is 30% fruit in rose water and 70% dessert in rose water. This is the perfect flavour if you want to relax with your guests. As if they were drinking rosehip tea, it would give them rose-hippie feelings. Our rose water is delicious and refreshing, featuring a fruity flavour and a floral scent. Mix it with other hookah blends like mint or lemon to give your hookah buddies an unforgettable experience.

Triple Apple(Fruity flavour, Fruity)

A delightful and delicate smoke, Triple Apple Shisha offers subtle hints of apple and anise flavours with subtle hints of licorice. Triple Apple is the ultimate apple blend. It is the closest to the taste of a natural apple of all the apple flavours. The original fruity flavour of Triple Apple is still available. There is a licorice aftertaste that gives you that best OG feeling, similar to smoking dapple flavour, but with a slight licorice kick.

Ice Cream Kiwi (Dessert flavour, Fruity flavour)

A premium dessert shisha flavour with a sweet and tangy taste of kiwi. The Ice Cream Kiwi shisha flavour has a mouth-watering taste of smooth ice cream and sweet kiwi fruit. It’s delicious! A thick, tasty steam is produced by vaporising the aromatic liquid inside the Shisha head containing the ice cream kiwi. Steam is cooled down as it passes through the shisha, resulting in a fresh taste with every puff. It has the perfect balance of sweet kiwi flavour and tart fruitiness in its mouth-watering texture, making it a unique dessert flavour.


Hookah smoking can be challenging if you need to know which flavor of tobacco is right for you. Many different shisha flavours are popular, but mint flavour, strawberry flavour, icy double apple, bubble gum, grapes, and cherries with mint flavour are among the most popular. The tobacco-free flavours are cool, refreshing, and sweet, making them suitable for everyone.  

Everyone has a favourite shisha flavour, and there are many popular ones. Popular flavours include mint, strawberry, icy double apple, bubble gum, and cherry with mint. It’s common for smokers of the same flavour to enjoy their dedicated shisha brand, a healthier alternative to more common tobacco flavours. Although many different flavours of shisha are available, mint, strawberry, icy double apple, and bubble gum are among the most popular. It is common for smokers of the same flavour to enjoy their dedicated brand of each of these flavours. Here, we offer shisha that really is among the finest.

A combination of premium ingredients ensures that each flavour is dedicated to providing a fantastic smoke experience, rich aroma, and thick cloud.


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