Best Food And Drink With Hookah Duo

There are so many flavours to choose from on the hookah that you may think it’s a waste of time and sugar to add drinks to ruin the taste. It is not a rule of thumb to only smoke hookah. You can also consider numerous items to eat or drink while smoking hookah. In this article, we will discuss the best food and drink with hookah. Listed below are some best food and drink with hookah.

Hookah With Food

After detailed research, we have sorted some hookah and food combos that you will certainly like.


Adding to the fruit taste of tobacco is that your tobacco usually tastes like fruit. Furthermore, it is important to eat fruits from time to time. In addition, when you eat fruits and smoke hookah simultaneously, your body is hydrated simultaneously. In addition, if you are smoking nicotine-containing tobacco, hydrating yourself during hookah sessions is very important as it is very thirst-provoking.

Spicy Food

When you eat hot and spicy foods, you send your taste and smell buds into a numb state, resulting in the shisha losing its flavour, especially when it’s weak.


Because hookahs originate in the East, oriental sweets are perfect accompaniments to hookah smoking. There is, however, not an assortment of oriental cuisine in every hookah house or hookah bar. We recommend cakes, fruit desserts, jelly, soft candies, sweet cakes and pastries as an alternative. When you smoke coffee flavours, chocolate, chocolate candies are a great sweet. However, chocolate candies aren’t always flavoured with fruit.

Hookah With Drink

In addition to food, you can also go for pairing up Hookah and Drinks. Below are some of the best drinks you can drink with hookah.

Fresh Juice

When you’re smoking but feel thirsty, you will benefit from a fresh juice if you don’t like trying out hookah and drink combos. Thus, you may get prolonged energy and refreshment from freshly squeezed oranges, grapefruits, or lemonade.


Light tobacco smokers should only consume lighter beers. Your beer selection will be more robust if you smoke more tobacco. Since beer has cleansing properties on the tongue, you can enjoy the taste of hookah after drinking it. If you’ve smoked hookah by yourself, you may need to drink something refreshing to refresh your senses.


Even though water isn’t exciting, water is the perfect complement to hookah. Your session will last longer when you’re well-hydrated. You can also have a refreshing experience by adding mint leaves, cucumber, or lemon to your water. You can enjoy a fun hookah time with a wide selection of flavours and drinks to complement the experience.


If one has ever smoked a hookah or drunk coffee in the past, one can appreciate why it has remained so popular. To complement hookah’s bitter and sharp flavour, coffee, preferably espresso or Turkish coffee, is traditionally served. When combining these two ingredients, you should seek pure tobacco leaf flavours or neutral flavours. Despite the sweetness and tenacity of fruit-flavoured shisha, you can’t wash away its taste with coffee alone. It would be great if you liked fruity flavour hookahs, so we suggest you try out our next suggestion. You can find ideas for Asian-inspired hookah lounges.


Understandably, many might be reluctant to drink milk while smoking tobacco. If you do not have a dairy intolerance, I suggest eating dairy. If the idea of smoking makes your insides gurgle at the thought, then move on to the next tip. Smoking can lead to an upset stomach, so you need to prevent that. A variety of milk options are available if milk sounds appealing to you.

Mixed drinks

Be sure to keep your shishas light and complement their flavours. If the mixed drinks aren’t too sweet, they pair well with hookah sessions. If you serve your drinks too strong, the flavours might overpower each other. Alternatives to fruity drinks include mint tobacco flavours. Avoid spicy tobacco flavours combined with fruity beverages if you do not have an adventurous palate.

Is It Safe To Drink Or Eat With Hookah?

Do many smokers ask whether is it safe? The answer can be controversial. It merely depends upon the person’s choice. When we talk about safety, it is safe to eat juicy items and during healthy drinks so that the nicotine that causes dehydration will not cause dizziness. It is recommended to eat as many fruits as possible and drink juices or water with hookah. You should strictly avoid oily or greasy food to stay away from negative consequences.


While this is true, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere can sometimes prove difficult. You should consider several factors before throwing a hookah and drinks party. As well as choosing a hookah aroma, you should also consider what type of drinks you should drink while smoking hookah. We have compiled a list of the best food and drink with hookah, even though it’s not an easy decision to make.

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