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Where to buy shisha

where to buy shisha tobacco melbourne
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Where to buy shisha tobacco melbourne

Please click the link to buy your shisha tobacco Melbourne.

If you’re looking for the highest quality shisha tobacco in Melbourne, we can help. Our range of Australian made shisha and hookah tobaccos are out of this world. They will blow your mind and keep you coming back for more. We may not just be your shisha tobacco and Melbourne first choice, but we might just be your only choice.

How can we make such a claim? Simple - Quality!

Tuah Australia was the first supplier of husk-based Shisha to Australia. Our product is delicious and authentic in flavour and texture. Even if you’ve been a traditional, tobacco smoking argileh user, you’ll be converted after the first try. This is because our shisha flavours smell and taste sublime!

What’s more, we offer so many purchase options. You can buy online through our Tuah Australia website. You can find your local outlet via our Shisha Near Me locater, and that’s Australia wide, or you can indulge in our delicious product at numerous Shisha lounges nationwide.

Click here if you're a smoker who likes to smoke shisha, then you may be interested in finding a local Tuah location.

But is there that much difference in one shisha supplier to another? YES!

  • We stock only the highest quality shisha tobacco. Our Tuah Australia 100% husk based shisha is tested and certified.
  • The burn time and the texture is consistent with the flavour.
  • It is packaged in resealable packaging, to ensure you extend the life of your shisha tobacco.
  • We only sell the very best shisha to ensure you get the most out of every puff. Using only the freshest ingredients, our flavour chemists have spent months experimenting with different recipes to bring you sweet-and-flavourful shisha that leaves nothing behind but thick clouds that linger on your taste buds.
  • Because the flavour of your shisha tobacco is directly linked to your enjoyment, we take care to ensure each and every product we deliver to our customers meets only the highest standards.session, which, very quickly, makes it a lot more expensive, for a lot less flavour and value for money.

For all the above reasons, so many Hookah users now insist on one Shisha Australia company – Tuah Australia. Even users of one of the most popular hookah tobacco brands on the market, Al Fakher, are shifting to Tuah Australia Shisha Tobacco.

Where to buy Shisha Tobacco in Melbourne?

So, to answer to the question “Where to buy Shisha Tobacco in Melbourne”, the answer is Tuah Australia. Our quality is unquestionable, as is our service. You’ll find us across Australia, and beyond, we’ve got you covered, even right through lockdowns. Simply order online, we’ll ship your order the next business day. You can expect your package to arrive within 3 to 5 working days, direct to your doorstep.

Shisha smoking has taken over Australian’s as a new social activity that allows the smokers to disconnect from their everyday lives, as well as socialise with other people who smoke. The dangers of smoking don’t come into the mind of those who enjoy it as it provides relaxation and enjoyment to those who partake in shisha.

Got a question? No problem, our friendly Tuah Australia Team is always happy to help. Feel free to contact us HERE, follow us on FACEBOOK, TIKTOK, or INSTAGRAM, and don’t forget to look over our many blog posts for news and information.

If you're looking for the best shisha flavours, coming to us is your best bet.

Tuah Australia
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Shisha Near Me

shisha near me
shisha near me

At Tuah Australia, we want to make pleasurable experiences as easy as possible. Watch a movie. Take a relaxing bath. Partake of a quiet, relaxing Hookah. Let the world and its problems drift away in plumes of shisha flavoured smoke.

With life being as challenging as it is right now, there has never been a better reason for some ‘me-time’, and what could be better than relaxing to the aroma of your favorite shisha flavours

And it has never been easier. Because Tuah Australia can now offer a delivery service, to your door, or we can arrange contactless pick up from our business location at Port Melbourne.

That’s right. We are offering a new wave of service. Tuah Delivery – to your door. This Shisha Near Me or Hookah Near Me service will be offered, delivered to your door, with your choice of delicious shisha flavours in 150g packets.

Shisha Near Me and Hookah Near Me, Tuah Delivery, to your door is only currently available in Melbourne and is limited to a 5KM radius of Port Melbourne. However, Tuah Australia wants to make the relaxing shisha experience available to as many people as possible. Therefore, while Tuah Delivery may be limited to a 5KM radius of Port Melbourne, Shisha Near Me and Hookah Near Me is still available through contactless pick up at our Port Melbourne

Tuah Delivery/Contactless Pick-Up

Whether you choose Shisha Near Me / Hookah Near Me through Tuah Delivery, or you arrange for contactless pick-up, orders can be packed and ready for delivery/pick up within 1-2 hours.

Imagine this. Place your order. Take a bath. Relax and enjoy the serenity. And, just as your bath has soothed all the aches of a stressful day out of your body, your Tuah Australia Delivery arrives at your doorstep. Moments later you are enjoying Lemon-Grape or Triple Apple scents soothing your mind, just as the warm bath soothed your body. Yesterday’s worries drift away in perfumed clouds, and tomorrow’s dreams are scented with fresh apple, citrusy-lemon, or syrupy-sweet grape vines.

Shisha Near Me ONLY for MELBOURNE, VIC

Pick up instructions

  • Add Hookahs & Shisha of your choice to the shopping cart. Once you are ready with your order click on “Checkout” button. “Local Pickup” option is available at the bottom of the page.

  • Use PayID to avoid delays

  • When you have placed your order, please confirm your appointment via email or text. You will also need to provide an order number.

Store appointment is required- CLICK HERE!

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How to clean shisha – Full Guide

What is the most effective way to clean shisha?

Keeping your shisha set up clean, is not only essential to ensure your hookah is hygienic but is a crucial component to safeguarding the flavour of your shisha is always crisp and delicious. Without regular cleaning, the components will become clogged with previous remnant flavours, which may also have become stale. The result is shisha that tastes and smells disappointing.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your shisha starts from the first time you unbox your new set. Not only will you be removing any dust or other debris, which can impact on your shisha flavour, you’ll be teaching yourself how all the components come together. It is advisable your set be thoroughly washed, sanitised, and allowed to completely dry, after each session. Forming a cleaning routine will ensure your shisha always tastes fresh and true to its flavour.

Today, we will give you a guide to hookah cleaning and the best shisha care practices. But first, we will run through the various parts of a shisha:

  1. Bowl. This refers to the bowl where you place your shisha tobacco.
  2. Stem. This refers to the vertical pipe from the bowl to the vase.
  3. Base. This is the glass vase that holds the water.
  4. Hose. This is used for inhaling the smoke from the vase through the mouthpiece attached to the hose.
  5. Tray. This holds the charcoal, and it also protects your surroundings when smoking.

Shisha Cleaning Supplies

We recommend using a cleaning solution combination that does not use harsh chemicals. A natural mixture of warm water, lemon, and baking soda will help deep clean your shisha. You can also use mild dishwashing soap if you prefer. You will also need a brush to scrub any built-in residue in your shaft, and base.

How to Clean Shisha

Start by dismantling all the parts. If you’re time poor, have not cleaned your hookah for some time, or prefer not to scrub too much, after dismantling, soak the individual parts in the suggested water/baking soda/lemon solution overnight. It will help soften any built-up residue.

  1. Disassemble. Before you start cleaning, detach the hose connected to the shisha. Gently twist the hose from side to side until it is loosened from the base. If the hose is lodged, do not pull with force because it will cause damage. Continue twisting it until it is detached.

It’s important to note your pieces, especially the first time. You need to remember what connects to where and how. For this reason, especially the first few times, break your pieces up into cleaning ‘groups’ so that you neither lose any parts nor forget how to re-assemble.

  • Remove the grommet from the hose port and the bowl from the top, and underneath the grommet.
  • Take the tray and dispose of the remaining ash on it.
  • Twist the stem of the shisha until it loosens at the base.
  • Set aside all the parts and prepare for cleaning.

2. Clean the hose. Check if your hose is washable.

  • First, blow through your hose to get rid of any stale smoke inside. Ideally you should do this after each use.
  • If it is not washable, hold both ends and try to whack it against a soft surface to get rid of any debris. Then hang it in a cool, dry area.
  • If it is washable, run the hose under the tap. Place one end under the running water and let it flow through the other end. Hang the hose and let it completely dry.

3. Clean the stem. Run water from the tap or pour water through the stem.

  • Use a brush and your cleaning solution. Brush back and forth until you have cleaned the stem’s full length. Repeat this process until the stem is completely clean.
  • Run hot water through it. Insert your fingers into the hose port to make sure no debris has accumulated. Let it dry on a towel or lean it against a wall.

4. Clean the base. Remove the old, stale water inside the base. Then run hot water into it.

  • Using your fingers, rub inside the top, reaching as far as possible inside.
  • Pour out the water.
  • Add your cleaning solution and scrub it with a soft bristle brush or sponge.
  • Pour in additional hot water and shake the base while covering its opening with the palm of your hand. If it’s very stained and hasn’t been cleaned in a while, pour out the water mix and repeat.
  • Let it rest for an hour or overnight.
  • Rinse it with hot water 2-3 times, before letting it dry on a towel.

5. Clean the bowl. With a sponge or towel, remove any residue on the shisha bowl. Run your bowl under the tap, while rubbing off any caked-on tobacco using your fingers. The aim here is to remove any debris that isn’t caked on. When you have removed what you can, immerse your bowl in a pot of water, and allow it to come to a simmer. Leave to simmer for 3- 5 minutes. Remove from pot, rinse, clean off any remaining debris, and allow to dry.

6. Clean other parts of the shisha. Now it’s time to clean the grommets, release valve, and ashtray. Run your tap over the grommets and release the valve. Using your fingers, and a little pressure, remove any unwanted waste. Follow the same process for your ashtray if there’s only loose ash. However, if there is caked on used shisha, use hot water, and steel wool, to remove the waste. Rinse and allow to dry.

Allow all the parts to dry completely.

Now that you know how to clean a shisha, repeat this process regularly, ideally after each session.

Got a question? No problem, our friendly Tuah Australia Team is always happy to help. Feel free to contact us HERE, follow us on SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, or INSTAGRAM, and don’t forget to look over our many blog posts for news and information.

Tuah Australia – Serving your Shisha needs locally, stretching globally.

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How to Do Shisha Smoke Tricks

Almost everyone has seen vape smokers produce amazing smoke shapes of large and small circles, plumes of rings within rings, and so much more. Watching them ply their skills is mesmerising.

Many of us have mused at these incredible smoking shape-skills, but how exactly does one learn to make smoke rings? Well, the great news is, as a Shisha smoker, you too can recreate this. With a little practise, not only will you be enjoying the relaxing effect that comes with Shisha smoking, you’ll also be successfully mastering the various techniques of the almost hypnotic power of smoke shapes.

What is Shisha Smoking

Shisha smoking can be an individual or group/party activity. Users breathe in smoke through a mouthpiece and hose that connects to a bowl of tobacco, which can be in many flavours such as, mint, apple, watermelon, strawberry. Sometimes Shisha smokers like to add fruit to enhance the flavour sensation, for example watermelon shisha with a piece of watermelon. The tobacco is heated using wood, charcoal, or coal, resulting in the production of smoke.

Enjoying Shisha, also known as hookah, arguile, water pipe, and other lesser-known names, has become a popular pastime with smoking enthusiasts and new experience seekers alike. Sessions can run for several hours, especially if the Shisha is of a higher quality, thus sustaining its freshness and flavour for longer.

The Popularity of Shisha

Shisha has increased in popularity globally. From the Middle East, through to Europe, Asia, and Australia, as people, both young and old, are trying this unique way of smoking. For many, smoking through a Hookah pipe is an exciting new undertaking, conjuring images of Arabian Nights and stimulating one’s mind. What makes Shisha smoking additionally thrilling, is not just the sensation of smoking, but also the are enjoyment of conquering the skill of Shisha smoke tricks

If you’re planning to smoke Shisha for the first time, this post will be helpful. If you regularly partake in Shisha sessions and want to enhance your enjoyment, this post will equally beneficial.

Shisha Smoke Tricks

People have been creating smoke rings for almost as long as they’ve been smoking. It’s an enjoyable and relaxing pastime, and it has the added benefit impressing onlookers.

Making your first successful smoke ring can be challenging, however, with a little practice, mixed with patience, you can be a master-smoke-ringer blower soon enough. To help the newbies, and those who have tried but failed in the past, we are going to share a few technique secrets to help you master this skill-set. After that, it’s just practice and patience. 😉

Before attempting to create smoke rings, you need to be in a still environment, no wind, or fans, no moving air. While it is possible to create smoke rings when there’s a breeze, to begin with, you need to master controlling your smoke, and air movement will make it harder grasp the technique. Once you have the ideal location, follow the steps below to create your first Shisha smoke ring.

How to blow smoke rings

Take your time. The instructions are simple, but the technique takes patience.

1. Inhale smoke from your Shisha pipe.

2. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth.

3. Carefully form your lips into a round ‘O’ shape. Tuck your lips in to form the rings. Shape your lips like you are sucking a lollipop.

4. In a short pulsing motion, push a small amount of smoke from your mouth using your tongue or by doing short breaths.

5. You can also try tapping your cheek to let the smoke out.

6. Slightly jut your jaw forward to smoke more rings faster.

7. Try curling your lips as the smoke leaves your mouth to make better-looking rings.

Note: the size of your smoke rings depends on how you shape your mouth. Avoid puckering your lips. Instead, flatten them against your teeth to create circles.

How to do double or triple smoke rings

Once you’ve mastered making “O” rings, double or triple rings will be easier. Here’s how:

1. To make double rings, place a finger over your mouth.

2. Press and pull down slightly on the top lip to split the mouth’s opening into two sections.  

3. To make triple rings, use two fingers to split your lips before you exhale the smoke.

How to do triangle smoke tricks

Bored with making “O” rings? Why not try making triangles? Here’s how to do it:

1. Before you can start doing other shapes, master making O rings first.

2. Blow a thick O ring.

3. Quickly reach out to the ring and tap down twice on each side to form a triangle.

4. Creating triangles needs good timing and precision.

As you practice how to do Shisha smoke tricks, experiment with forming different shapes. You can even get together with a group of friends to practice.  A bit of friendly rivalry, combined with encouragement, is often ideal when learning new skills.

Another option is to use a mirror when forming the shapes with your lips. It’s also an ideal way to prefect your controlled breathing, while practicing various shapes and tricks.

Like with everything in life, practice does make perfect, however with Shisha smoking, the tricks and rings only enhance an already enjoyable and relaxing activity.

If you’re interest has been piqued but you want to know more,  check out our how to buy Shisha guide, and, as always, feel free to call on our friendly Tuah Australia Team for help or advice.

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HOW TO BUY A SHISHA- Full Guide 2021

When it comes to buying good shisha, the very first thing you need is a reputable supplier – which is what you get with Tuah Australia. Our shisha is 100% husk based. 

But don’t worry, husk doesn’t mean less enjoyment. Many regular Tobacco smokers, who have tried our Tuah Shisha, have been amazed at how smooth, and authentic, the experience is, comparing the quality and texture of our husk-based Shisha to that of smoking Tobacco flavours. And because our product has a similar burn-time to traditional tobacco shisha, but is less expensive, many AL-Fakher smokers are now Tuah Shisha converts!

Why are Tobacco reviewers raving about our Shisha? Because we have created a product with intense and authentic flavours. Superior shisha has a pleasant aroma. Our Shisha is always fresh, and vacuum packed to ensure the Shisha Flavours remain deliciously fragrant.


Tuah Shisha has more than 25,000 satisfied customers, all saying the same thing, our Shisha Flavours are amazing. Our flavour selection is extensive, and we encourage our customers to try as many as they’d like, however, there are some true “customer favourites” we know you’ll love.

Let’s start with Shisha Apple. 

Everyone loves the smell of a crisp apple, and with Tuah Australia you have a choice, Shisha Apple Flavour or, for those who really love apple, Shisha Double Apple. Our Shisha Double Apple is like our Tuah Shisha Apple, but more intense.

Other popular fruit flavours are:

  • Shisha Mint
  • Shisha Grape
  • Shisha Watermelon
  • Shisha Strawberry
  • Shisha Mango
  • Shisha Bubblegum

Many of our regulars like to mix it up. Shisha Grape and Shisha Mint for example, or Shisha Strawberry and Shisha Apple. But one of our most popular flavours is Shisha Bubblegum. Customers have described the flavour sensation as though they were chewing on actual bubblegum, only better because our Shisha Bubblegum Flavour lasts for hours! 


Many of our regular customers were once first-time smokers. And it can be daunting, not knowing which flavours to buy, or how to set up your Hookah. At Tuah Australia we believe in our product and our service.

We also offer online assistance, including booking one of our Team to assist you. 


When it comes to choosing a flavour for the first time we recommend, you try at least one of our five most popular flavours:

  1. Shisha Apple Flavour
  2. Shisha Mint Flavour 
  3. Shisha Grape Flavour
  4. Shisha Strawberry Flavour 
  5. Shisha Mango Flavour

Whether you choose Shisha Mango, Shisha Strawberry, Shisha Mint, or any of our flavours, you can be certain of quality and taste. That same quality and taste is why so many Al-Fakher users love our product, and also why so many more are converting every day 😉

Ordering online is Easy. Pick the option that best suits your needs 1, 2 or 3!

  1. Order online and we ship the next business day (with 247 tracking links) 
  2. Local Pick-up option on check out for Victorian buyers. 
  3. Use our link for store appointment required for local pick up. CLICK HERE!

HOW TO BUY A SHISHA – the most important aspect.

Buying Tuah Shisha is safe. We are accredited and cleared by Customs. Our product has been thoroughly tested and is both delicious and long lasting; and as we’re an Australian Company, with our Head Office in Melbourne and locations throughout Australia. 

  • You don’t have to concern yourself with where your product is coming from. 
  • You don’t have to worry about a Customs declaration and Import Duty fees or Customs Clearance issues 

All you need to do is pick a flavour and enjoy!

Tuah Australia – We pride ourselves on our service, and our quality product, and our daily growing customer base agrees 😊

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How to Smoke Shisha for the First Time

You’ve probably seen images of people smoking shisha, looking relaxed, smoking some exotic smoke from a tube, connected to a device that could have come from a movie set. And you may have thought “that looks awesome!” but it seemed to complex to try yourself.

Today’s topic is focused on how to Smoke Shisha for the First Time – and enjoy the Hookah Experience 😉

First-things-first; a bit of terminology. Shisha is the tobacco. At Tuah Australia we supply only the best husk, Shisha Flavours.

The Hookah is the instrument used to smoke your shisha. It’s often the setup of the Hookah which frightens people. Today we will teach you how to smoke shisha first time as a beginner. We are going to take away the mystery & make your Hookah Experience positive.

Setting up your Hookah.

  1. Remove the Stem (metal tube) from the vase (water tank).
  2. Pour water into the vase. Return the Stem, ensuing it is 1 to 1.5cm submerged in the water.
  1. Mix the liquid from the bottom up to have a more flavorful impact before you pack the bowl.
  2. Select your favorite Shisha flavour and fill the Shisha bowl, making sure not to over fill.
  3. Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl, choosing your HMD fits perfectly placed on your Shisha bowl.
Pack the flavour evenly into the bowl but not fluffy

Place your Heat Management Device (HMD) onto the bowl
  1. Take your Shisha Charcoal, place on the Charcoal Hot Plate, three pieces is more than enough, wait until you see the embers are red-hot.
  2. Once the Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device and allow the embers to heat up the Shisha head bowl, thus releasing the flavour and aroma.

See the embers are red-hot

Shisha Charcoals are red-hot, move to the Heat Management Device

Once the Shisha bowl has had time to heat up, your Hookah experience can begin.

While all Hookah’s perform in the same way, there are two main types of Shisha Bowls. Funnel & Egyptian. Below are links to our Youtube Channel demonstrating the difference between a Shisha Funnel Bowl & a Shisha Egyptian Bowl:

At Tuah Australia, we have a range of Hookahs for sale, as well as, shisha pipes, charcoal burners, and of course quality shisha, all designed to help make your shisha experience amazing. 

How to smoke Shisha for the First Time.

The quality of your Shisha is vital. Stale or poor-quality shisha equals an unpleasant taste. Here at Tuah Australia, our Shisha is vacuum packed, ensuring with the correct storage, you’ll have fresh and tasty shisha for your next Hookah party.

Tips for ensuring a successful Hookah experience.

Use Ice and Cold water – The colder the water, the fresher the experience. 

Fresh Tobacco is Key – “fresh is best” is just as true for shisha. Tuah Australia has a variety of Shisha flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience. 

Blow Some Air into the Pipe – Smoke gets trapped inside and if not replaced can become stale. 

Hookah Pipes – You must always use quality hookah pipes

Just Use Enough Tobacco – don’t put too much. 

Go for Natural Coal – For a fresher natural taste, always go for natural coal. You’ll find our Tuah Coals for sale in the Products section.

Replace the Water – Always use fresh water for every new session. 

Hookahs Should Taste Great – As you inhale, the sensation should be cool and calming, with your body feeling relaxed. 

For more detailed information on how to ensure you get the most from your Shisha go to our blog How to Enjoy your Hookah every time.

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of setting up your first hookah or your first shisha experience. Follow the steps and remember, at Tuah Australia, we are here to help, which is why we started our one-on-one booking service and the online tutorials.

When it comes to Shisha and Hookah, be it product or service, with Tuah Australia, you’re set.

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How to enjoy your Hookah every time.

People smoke hookah for several reasons. Perhaps they are looking to relax or meditate. Other’s find the flavour sensation exhilarating, and for some, it may a first-time experience; exciting and thrilling in one breathtaking inhale. But whatever the reason, the anticipated result is enjoyment.

However, occasionally, the experience does not live up to the expectation. People have, at times, mentioned issues such as the feeling of a scratchy, raspy throat, or an unpleasant taste sensation.

So, how can you prevent this from happening? Here are some tips to have a fresh tasking hookah and make the most out of your session.

Use Ice and Cold water

So, let’s start with the basics. How does a hookah work? Unlike traditional cigarettes where you are absorbing the smoke directly into your throat and lungs, a hookah uses water filtration. As the smoke passes through the water, it softens the sensation on the throat.

The water is the key. To get the best, smoothest, result from your hookah, it is best to use cold water. The colder the water, the fresher the experience. As you begin to smoke, your water will become warmer, however, by starting with warm, or room temperature water, you are speeding up the process for the water temperature increase, and thus reducing the ‘cool-sensation’ timeline.

Fresh Tobacco is Key

The saying “fresh is best” is just as true for tobacco.

Not all tobaccos are created equal. Avoid using tobacco that has been ‘stashed’ for a long period of time, as it’s likely lost its freshness and may even have a stale, or damp aroma. Obviously, this will not feel great on your throat.

Fresher tobacco will ALWAYS deliver a fresher, enhanced, more enjoyable, experience. Tuah Herbal has a variety of Shisha flavours ensuring you an amazing shisha experience.

Blow Some Air into the Pipe

An underappreciated best practice when smoking a hookah is to blow some air into the bottle from time to time. The idea is simple. Smoke gets trapped inside and if it doesn’t get replaced, it becomes stale.

You must always use quality hookah pipes. Old, or uncleaned pipes, will, over time, gradually build up an undesirable odour, that is likely to negatively impact the taste, and aroma, with each huff.

Just Use Enough Tobacco

It’s natural to want to experiment with flavours – especially if you have purchased several of our Tuah Herbal flavour sensations. It’s also common for people to think, “the more I put in the better and stronger the flavour” – however, this is not the case. In hookah, there is a ‘Goldilocks’ ideal level, where the amount of tobacco and the sensation of smoking is ‘just right’; and it’s not achieved by stuffing too much tobacco.

With your hookah, as with many things in life, less is more, and if in doubt, you will get a better experience with a smaller amount of shisha, than an over-filled bowl.

Use a Vortex Bowl

You don’t necessarily have to use a vortex bowl but be sure not to allow burnt tobacco to get inside the bottle. That includes making sure the holes of your bowl are not covered with ash, and keeping it clean throughout the session. Having good quality hookah bowls means you will have a great overall shisha experience.

In the event that tobacco juice or ash does get through, it will contaminate your water. With enough of it and it can start to affect the taste and freshness of every puff you make.

Go for Natural Coal

There are two types of coal used in hookah smoking. One is natural, and the other is called instant. If you want a fresher, natural taste, always go for natural coal. However, when using natural coal, be patient, as it can take some time to heat up, unlike instant coal. But your patience will be rewarded with a better tasting product. If you’ve had varying experiences with hookahs, chances are, different coal products were used. 

Replace the Water

To ensure you get the best from your hookah, always use fresh water for every new session. Additionally, if you are having a long hookah session, we advise to replace the water at some point. As smoke is filtered through the water, it is only a matter of time before it degrades from use, and contamination, to can impact the overall taste of your shisha.

Hookahs Should Taste Great

As you inhale, the sensation should be cool, aromatic, and calming. Your throat should not feel sharp, and your body should begin to feel relaxed. If this isn’t you’re experience, it’s time to review. Go through the steps above, check the quality of your shisha, and ensure your pipes are clean, and without any unpleasant aroma, make sure your water is fresh and your coal is natural.

Smoking hookah shouldn’t be hard work – it should be a relaxing, soothing, experience, that leaves a smile on your face and your body and muscles released of your daily stresses. A little be of preparation will ensure your enjoyment ?

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Sophia Smokes PRODUCT OF THE WEEK | Review of Tuah flavours from Australia

Shisha with Sophia Smokes

At Tuah Australia, we have worked diligently to ensure our shisha tastes and smells divine and our professional service to our customers equals the quality of our product.

Tuah Flavours on Youtube review

Last week, one of our flavours products were featured on a Youtube review. The reviewer, Rebecca Sophia Scott, selected our Shisha Watermelon, Apple and bubblegum flavours to review in her Product of the Week special for her channel Sophia Smokes. She is located in Miami, USA. To view the video link, click HERE.

Sophia was overjoyed by the packaging, she was totally amazed that our shisha delivers a unique Tuah smell, and enjoys the best taste that sparks her desire to have another puff.

After trying our apple shisha flavour, Sophia said she was impressed. She enjoyed the flavour, telling us she couldn’t wait to try the other flavours. She had tried herbal shisha before, but never with such a smooth, lasting.

Our aim is to popularise Tuah’s brand of shisha in a global context, and we hope that with the discovery of our shisha by people in Miami, and other parts of the USA, our name will become synonymous with shisha Australia

Link to Rebecca Sophia Scott:

Tuah Australia – and Australian company, now internationally recognised for our quality and our service.

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Non Tobacco Shisha Flavours

The Different Shisha Flavours in Tuah Australia

There is no doubt that Tuah Australia has THE BEST non tobacco shisha flavours on the market, however, we don’t want to stand on our laurels. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service, our distribution, our Locations, and our products.

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, or London, we are here to provide you with THE BEST service, THE BEST shisha flavours, at THE BEST value for money Shisha in Australia.

We recently started Shisha Near Me, a concept which enables our customers to have their Shisha experience delivered to them, through our Flagship Shisha Melbourne location.

Shisha Near Me has enabled our customers to experience the delicious Herbal Flavour of Tuah Australia, the only alternative shisha tobacco in Australia made from husk.

Welcome To Our Non Tobacco Shisha Flavours

We have created our improved formula Shisha which means you get a consistently great taste and texture every time.

Here are just some of the ways your experience has been enriched:

  • Our new, less pasty consistency makes removing the shisha from the packet and into your Hookah bowl much easier.
  • Mix the liquid from the bottom up to have a more flavorful impact before you pack the bowl.
  • Our shisha flavour lasts longer than most other brands. It’s strong in flavour and high in quality; these qualities make it last longer than most other brands.
  • Being less sticky, it will take less time to prepare your Hookah & more time to enjoy the experience!
  • Tuah shisha flavour also create more impressive plumes of smoke – not only adding to the overall romance of the experience, but also making it feel even more like a traditional shisha tobacco flavour.

Whether you are planning a private serine meditative escape, or a party – physical or virtual; Tuah Herbal is the answer. With THE BEST flavours in Australia and THE BEST service, we can give you a positive experience to remember.

Tuah Australia

  • Express and tracked shipping for all Australian orders and fast and easy worldwide shipping via DHL.
  • We clear all customs and provide a complete shipping package with all necessary documents to clear customs.
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At Tuah Australia, the non tobacco shisha flavours experience is only a Click away…

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The Modern Home Lifestyle

There are few things more indulgent and sensory activating than the joy of smoking from a Hookah. The sense of freedom, of relaxation, easing yourself into positive energy, erasing all your worries, lowing your stress levels. Today more than ever, we all need a little bit of self-care and decadence, a way to escape, even if it’s just for short while and just into your own thoughts.

Now, Tuah Australia is helping you create your very own modern hookah luxury escape – right at home.

Whether you are a regular Hookah enthusiast or a first-timer, Tuah Australia will help you make your experience everything you imagined, and more relaxing than you dreamed possible.

Find your ZEN in our amazing flavours, delicious aromas and divine scents.

We can have your home-experience packed and delivered. All you need to do is order online via our BUY ONLINE option and your delivery will be on it’s way.

We have several locations, nationwide, ready and waiting for your order, so you don’t need to worry, the modern hookah luxury escape experience is available throughout Australia.

Not sure which flavour would have you senses stimulated and your body and mind relaxed? Look for our updates on our Shisha Flavours and our regular blog posts.

We are only an online click away from making you feel like the king or queen of your domain. And you don’t have to worry that your castle will have any stale, tobacco smells later because at Tuah Australia, our products are 100% natural, and Non-Tobacco certified.

All the flavour. All the pleasure. All the romance. None of the smell or tobacco stains.

And because our Shisha is made from husk, it lasts about the same time as regular tobacco shisha, but is much cheaper, environmentally friendly and tastes even better than it smells! It’s true. Many of our non-tobacco smokers, especially those enjoying their very first home-hookah experience, are amazed by the pleasurable experience, and relaxing sensation, without any of the negative inhalation sensations.

Draw in your first fruity flavour, maybe its lemon and grape, or apple, or one of so many different flavour combinations, that very first inhale, absorbing the aroma, and the taste, the mind dreaming of warm summer nights while the body relaxes, that is what your next Tuah Australia online order can give you.

Feel like a sultan in your own home, at least for a few ours.

Ever hear the saying, “every man’s home is his Castle”? Make your castle the place to unwind, rest your body, ease your mind, re-energize your spirit, with Tuah Australia. Your next online order will create your little castle into an oasis of peace and calmness – a place where you can truly relax.

With Tuah Australia Buy Online, we can take your mind from the stresses and worries, we are all feeling at the moment, and help them evaporate into plumes of flavoured Shisha smoke.

Go to our website and look for shisha melbourne and remember to check out our amazing flavour combinations. Shisha Gold Coast and Shisha Brisbane in Queensland. Shisha Melbourne and Shisha Adelaide in the Southern States – your first step to feeling Regal, right in your own home, all you have to do is click on Tuah Australia buy Hookah online Melbourne, Queensland, Adelaide, and within hours you’ll be more relaxed than you been in months.

You deserve to feel like a King or Queen.

Whether you’re a shisha newbie, a connoisseur, or a flavour-chasing newbie, Tuah Australia is your one-stop shop for everything shisha and hookah.