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Shisha Brisbane & Gold Coast

You are surrounded by a circle of your best friends, on holiday in Brisbane or the Gold Coast. There’s a warm ocean breeze drifting from the beach. You and your friends are enjoying some food, a drink or two, when someone decides to order a Hookah to be delivered…

You panic; yes, it’ll be fun and yes it’ll look great, having the hookah, watching the smoke swirl around, while music plays and people relax; but what about the side effects? And what about the smell? Or the stained smokey-walls?

Well, not so with Tuah Herbal – where you can have your ‘Arabian Night’ without the dangers, the smell or staining of tobacco.

There is always a time and a place for the relaxing effects of an herbal hookah with us. Be it Shisha Brisbane, Shisha Gold Coast, in in fact anywhere in Australia – Tuah Herbal is your Herbal Shisha Australia supplier.

Here at Tuah Herbal, we know how relaxing smoking Shisha can be. The pressures of the day swirl away in the plumes of smoke; however we also want to make the experience energising, as well as relaxing, and that’s why we are called Tuah Herbal; because our Shisha blends are made from Cornhusk and not tobacco.

No nicotine stained fingers.

No stale tobacco smell.

No addictive bad habits.

But all the fun and relaxation of a traditional Shisha.

What makes our herbal blends unique, aside from the AMAZING flavour combinations and delicious aromas that will fill your home, is the base product, cornhusk. While many other herbal shisha blends use Sugar Cane, Tuah Herbal is made from Cornhusk not Sugarcane and therefore lasts 50% longer, the same burn-time as regular nicotine tobacco, only cheaper. The experience lasts as long, but costs 4-5 times less than tobacco!

A natural byproduct of growing corn, Cornhusk is bio-degradable, organic and a completely renewable resource. By using cornhusk, we are not only creating jobs within an organic and sustainable industry, we are using a 100% natural product, which benefits the environment, the economy while also helping you feel relaxed.

Recent studies have shown that anthocyanin pigments have been found in corn husk.

What is Anthocyanin?

Anthocyanins are a type of flavonoid with antioxidant effects. In addition to acting as antioxidants and fighting free radicals, anthocyanins may offer anti-viral, and anti-cancer benefits. In herbal medicine, anthocyanin-rich substances have long been used to treat several conditions. Recent research suggests that anthocyanins may help fend off heart disease and cancer.

Anthocyanins are primarily found in red and purple foods, such as purple corn and the husk of purple corn and while we cannot know EXACTLY how much purple corn husk is on our blends, any amount is likely to be of benefit.

What’s more, becoming a regular Tauh Herbal Shisha smoker may help you with your nicotine addiction. There can be no denying that one of the most difficult additions to overcome is nicotine-tobacco. By replacing nicotine-tobacco Shisha with an herbal blend, you will still get the relaxing feeling of smoking, but without all the dangerous nicotine-tobacco side effects.

Struggling to give up nicotine-tobacco smoking?

How about trying to cut back by blending your Shisha with herbal? With each session, you can reduce the tobacco and increase the herbal content. You could even make it a ‘tasting’ session – trying out all the flavours, how about lemon? Or watermelon? Or mango? Why not try some of our most popular flavour combinations, such as Watermelon-Grape; or better still, create your own. Mint and Chocolate. Strawberry and Vanilla. Apple and Cinnamon… the options are literally endless!

Not only will your house smell better, your well-being and energy levels will be improved, your wallet much fuller, and you’ll still be able to get that relaxing sensation you long for after a busy working week or stressful day.

So, whether you are in Queensland or Perth, Adelaide or NSW, Victoria or Tasmania, Tuah Herbal is your first choice herbal Shisha supplier – Australia wide.

Tuah Herbal Shisha tastes yummy, smells divine and, because it’s nicotine-free, there are no carcinogens, no stale aftertaste, no smelly clothes or house and no nicotine-stained walls.

Try Tuah Herbal today; all our reviewers love it – we know you will love it too

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Tuah Herbal Flavours

Tuah Herbal mixes are the perfect blend to add to your next shisha session – giving the same tobacco-style smoke as regular tobacco Shisha. What’s more, if you want the tobacco flavour, but still crave that herbal aroma, you can combine Tuah Herbal blends with tobacco. Add as little or as much tobacco as you desire.

And the benefits go beyond convenience.

Combining tobacco and Herbal Shisha is cost effective, saving you money every time you are ready to enjoy your Hookah.

Tobacco sells for $30 for 50g

Herbal sells for $22 to $26 for 150g.

In other words, it’s almost 5x cheaper to smoke herbal shisha in place of tobacco.

If you combine say a one third/two-thirds split, so 1/3 third is tobacco and 2/3 is your favourite herbal flavour blend, the price will be less than $14.50 for a 50g blended pouch; like we said, blending saves money.

Talk about Cost Efficient! Over time, you will save a small fortune by creating your own tobacco/herbal blends; or you can have more Hookah Sessions.

And speaking of sessions, a blend like this will make one Shisha Head/Bowl last up to “6-8” sessions. So not only does mixing save money, it creates more hookah opportunities, and still tastes great.

But it’s not just the blending that save you money. Stretching your tobacco pouch to last 2-3 times longer, saves you trips to the store. Less travel time equals less travel expenses and more time to enjoy your life. And rest assured, our herbal flavours are the best mix when combining with tobacco, leaving you with that refreshed feeling of Herbal Shisha.

Plus, you have more control.

You can control how much tobacco to use. For example, if tobacco prices go up, you can control the amount of tobacco you mix/blend and therefore smoke. Or you can make up several pouch blends and flavour mixes from one tobacco pouch. One for you with less or more tobacco, depending on your taste, another for your best friends and a third for your next big Hookah Party!

With Tuah Herbal, you can have the perfect blend of Herbal Shisha & Tobacco Hookah that is cost efficient, makes up to 8-10 bowls per Shisha Head, saves you money & time travelling to the shop and still leaves you with that delicious herbal flavour and fragrance… what’s not to like?

And, as always, with Tuah Herbal, whether smoking as an herbal or in combination, the taste sensation remains supreme.

Cost efficient

Makes one Shisha Head/Bowl up to 6-8 sessions

Blending saves money

Mixing saves a small fortune

Cheaper than going to the shop, saving a lot of money

Our herbal flavour is the best mix when combined with tobacco

Still leaves that refreshing feeling of Herbal Shisha

You can control the amount of tobacco you mix/blend and therefore smoke & control the cost as tobacco prices rise.