Tuah Trading Pty Ltd

Tuah Herbal was established in 2011.
Tuah Trading Pty Ltd is one of the leading
Shisha supplier in Australia.

Aside from our domestic Australian market, our strongest export markets are East Asia and Europe.

 Based in Melbourne, Australia.
Tuah Herbal produces the finest, 100% natural, organic flavored, the premium alternative tobacco shisha flavor.


Premium Herbal Hookah Flavours


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Organic Shisha Flavors Shop in Australia

We supply 100% natural flavours and components to  shops and lounges in Australia. Regardless if you are an individual customers or a businesses, we provide the finest organic, herbal hookah flavours in Australia.

Most of shop owners have no issues with our prominent taste in our Organic Range flavors especially for our Grape and Mint flavours cater for Hookah Head.

We are cater to deliver high-quality Organic flavours that can enhance the hookah experience of our clients who prefer the alternative tobacco hookah flavors. We want our clients to be healthy while enjoying the taste of Tuah Organic flavours.

Our natural and organic flavours contains bio active compounds, these provide health benefits that are free from the chemicals, pesticides and other health problems associated with smoking nicotine based shisha tobacco. Its relaxing, and unwinding the stress of your daily hustling and grinding world, it creates calm and relaxing feelings without the head rush after experiencing Tuah Herbal Flavours.

Experience the difference and taste the health with Tuah Herbal Flavour.

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Shisha smoking is steadily growing in popularity as Hookah lounges and bars are opening all over the world.

Many non-hookah clubs and bars have added shisha smoking options to meet their customers’ demands. Shisha Smoking is a social activity enjoyed at home as well as out.
It doesn’t involve alcohol and was an ancient smoking ritual in Asia, long before it became a popular way to pass those warmer Arabian nights in the Middle East.

When Aladdin sailed in to whisk Jasmine away for a ride on his magic carpet. He most likely had a Shisha pipe and a selection of Tuah Herbal’s finest hookah flavors to pass the time as they floated away.

As smoking from the water filled shisha pipe becomes more popular across the world, so has the demand for higher quality, organic shisha flavors made from corn husk based.

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