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Tuah Herbal was established in 2011.
Tuah Herbal Resources is one of the leading Manufacturers for Organic Hookah Flavours
in South East Asia, our strongest export destinations are Europe, East Asia and Australia.
We produce the finest Organic Flavours.
Our range is made of 100% Natural Components & Flavours.


Premium Herbal Hookah Flavours


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Organic Shisha Flavors Shop in Australia

Welcome to Tuah Ground – your destination for Organic  flavours in Melbourne.

We supply 100% natural flavours and components to  shops and lounges in Australia.
Regardless if you are an individual customers or a businesses,
we provide the finest organic, herbal hookah flavours in Australia.

With Tuah Herbal, you can choose an excellent range of Organic flavours. All our ingredients are source and supply by Malaysian Agriculture Industry. Most of shop owners have no issues with our prominent taste in our Organic Range flavors especially our Grape and Avocado Flavours cater for Hookah Head.

We are cater to deliver high-quality Organic flavours that can enhance the hookah experience of our clients. We want our clients to be healthy while enjoying the taste of Tuah Organic flavours.

Our natural and organic flavours do not cause harm to your health and offer a perfect Hookah adventure. Its relaxing, and unwinding the stress of your daily hustling and grinding world, it creates calm and relaxing feelings without the head rush after experiencing Tuah Herbal Flavours.

Experience the difference and taste the health with Tuah Herbal Flavour.

Discover Our Collection

Are you searching for the most divine hookah flavours on the market that can be healthier.
Do you have a Lounge or a Bar and wanted to give refreshing  experience to your customers?
At Tuah Herbal, we have an excellent range of herbal flavours you can choose. It includes minty and tropical flavours.
Explore our range of herbal shisha flavours and choose the product that can give you a relaxing and refreshing experience.
Have questions on our range of flavours? Call us today on (61) 4313 79161 with your queries. You can contact us with your questions using our online form.
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