Tuah shisha is the undisputed leader in HUSK smoking and is the first and only provider of HUSK-based products in Australia.

We use a natural process involving flavor and moisture extraction from the finest husk leaves to create a unique, superior tasting hookah experience. The result is smoother, longer lasting shisha flavors that let you enjoy hookah without compromising quality.

Tuah’s premium, world-class flavors are available to you through our online store. Whether you’re based in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney or Gold Coast – We’ll deliver directly to your door.

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Click and Collect is only available in Victoria, Australia.
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We understand the health risks of smoking tobacco and have a solution for your customers. Shisha can be a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, but it often makes people feel light-headed and nauseous because of its chemical additives. The problem is, most shisha smokers have no idea that their tobacco is full of chemicals. We have created a unique organic version that will prove popular with customers who want to look after their health and still enjoy their smoking session.

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